About niamh

Niamh Daniels is a Designer whose specialty is Textile Print Design. After obtaining her BA Honours degree in Fashion Design from Limerick and working in the fashion industry in London and New York, Niamh decided to go back to University to focus on her first love; Print. She received her Masters degree in Textile Print Design in 2016 in the UK, and afterwards, decided to move back to Ireland to start her own label. Her signature style is prints with a fine art approach, combining a strong use of colour with her own drawing, painting and photography style. She is constantly inspired by the ever-changing landscape of the West of Ireland, its fauna, flora and dramatic skies. Each scarf is made with the finest quality fabrics and hand finished with meticulous detail. The finished product is a luxury scarf that is striking but wearable. Niamh wants her customer to feel like they are wearing a work of art.


Top photo: Joe O'Shaughnessy. Bottom photo: Gavin Hartigan